About Us

The colloquial word, ‘befikr', literally translates to worrilessness and that's the vision

befikr.in was born with and strives for.

Our mission is organizing the unorganized industry of home services that for decades has been dominated largely by unskilled, unverified handymen leading to non-standardized services and frustrating experiences. With rapid urbanization, digitization and global exposure standard of living has increased leading to demand for better home services through trained personnel.

Indian households with fast paced lifestyle look for tech-enabled professional home services that can be delivered at their convenience. Realizing the growing gap between demand for trained professionals and supply of unskilled hanymen that was affecting millions of people in urban India, befikr.in was founded in 2016. Since then befikr.in has been revolutionising the home services industry with a revolution referred as ‘befikr BROTHERS’, making befikr.in as the 1st True Home Services Company.

Today our in-house team of professional befikr BROTHERS are the hallmark of high-quality service making befikr.in the most credible one stop shop for home services in India.

The success story of befikr.in lies in extension of basic home services of electrical, plumbing and AC repair to round the clock services. Guaranteeing everyone befikr days and peaceful nights, one can avail these services now 24X7


Not long ago, for any home service issue from a running tap to AC maintenance and repair, local handymen were turned to. These handymen were a mixed bag - few good, few bad and then a few of them mortally dangerous. Handpicked qualified ITI professionals, our befikr BROTHERS undergo a rigorous multi-layered verification process and are exposed to a standardized induction program Once inducted, befikr BROTHERS are further sensitized and skilled in the art of public dealing with primary focus on women, senior citizens and children. Always helpful towards customers, befikr.in ensures that each befikr BROTHER continues to upgrade his skills continuously through our in-house training sessions. The world is growing and so are our befikr BROTHERS.